We charge a flat rate to perform a tune up on the system. We dedicate certain specific hours per month to ensure that the system functions smoothly every other day. With regular maintenance, the need for constant repair work is rendered unnecessary.

Our mission is to ensure that we are so good and efficient; the urgent calls for emergency breakdowns are avoided. To ensure that there is no malfunctions and denial of service in the hardware as well as the software, we offer monthly check ups to the customers. We work weekends to ensure that the routine of the customers during the week is not disrupted.

We do not merely tune up the system, but also completely recheck it for all possible issues. We perform various actions including spyware removal, virus checks up, memory extension, clean up of cookies and unnecessary junk, and all crucial updates to keep the system working flawlessly. That is our ultimate mission.

We take the security and the privacy of our customers very seriously. We offer encrypted solutions to various data storage. we come up with various innovative ideas to improve the application of the system. We are aware that the users are not tech-savvy people. We send quarterly letters to the customers informing them about the different software that is available in the market. Applying these methods can make the system work faster, more secure and very efficiently.

The services that we provide include

  • PC technical support
  • PC repair and troubleshooting
  • PC set up and installation
  • PC training and tutoring
  • Hardware installation and upgrades
  • Software installation and upgrades
  • Operating system issues and upgrades
  • Anti-virus installation and upgrades
  • Memory extensions and upgrades
  • Motherboard issues and replacement
  • Networking – both wired and wireless
  • Security and privacy checking, testing and upgrades